Online Audio Program

The Free Trial introduces the very different, in-depth, game-changing science of law exam-taking and preparation that has set LEEWS apart for over 40 years. Access to the remainder of the program--8+ hours of instruction and remainder of the book (Primer)--requires payment of $150 for a one-month subscription.

This means unlimited access to the program complete (from as many as three registered devices) for a period of 31 days.

The Primer (book), 10th edition

Is provided in PDF format during the subscription period. Following a program, it suffices to refresh ALL instruction. You may wish to print it out during the subscription, OR order a hard copy at the special discount (during subscription) rate of $40 (incl. priority mail 3-4 day shipping).

Additional access (to repeat/refresh the program)

For a six (6) month period following your subscription, the complete program may be accessed for one week (7 days) for a payment of $50. You must retain your access code to exercise this option.